payment security

Merchant Payments believe that it is the payment providers responsibility to provide safe payment solutions and we are focused on delivering payment solutions that that are both industry leading and PCI DSS compliant.

The focus of security relies on the safe processing and storage of sensitive personal Credit Card, Charge Card and Direct Entry information. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance is a strict security standard the card schemes (Visa and MasterCard) have introduced globally to ensure personal information is properly protected.

MPS will only recommend partners that hold the highest level of PCI DSS accreditation that protect both merchants and card holders against data breaches.

For example our recommended eftpos provider Tyro provides an integrated IP eftpos solution that does not expose the cardholder data. Tyro’s new architecture protects merchants and card holders against data breaches. Merchants using Tyro merchants do not have to manage the risks and costs of PCI-DSS compliance and the costs of a data breach.

These may include potential scheme fines and of security breach investigations.Tyro’s technology insulates the merchant's network from sensitive card holder and transaction data. All customer cardholder data is secure and there is no risk to his reputation or liability from disclosure of this data

We hold the same standards for our preferred e-commerce gateway payment partners.

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Since moving across to MPS and the Tyro machines we have been very pleased. The costs saved in time and errors have been evident in our first year and our only mistake is that we did not get more machines! The support at MPS and Tyro was excellent and they worked hard to get it going. Further support has been great with prompt delivery of portable machines and new receipt rolls and the service over the phone to all of our questions and queries has been great. Any cost saving and efficiency improvements that can be made in business are crucial in any financial climate and this system delivers on both. I can highly recommend it.
David Bufton Hedleys Educational