30 Jan 2014

No PIN No Pay

No PIN No Pay

For both consumer and hospitality merchants using credit and debit cards, the card payment world is about to change. On Friday 1st August 2014 Australia's card carrying consumers will no longer be able to sign for their purchases. Amex, MasterCard and Visa will require them to enter their PIN for every credit and debit card transaction to be verified.

MPS has a developed a solution with our partner Tyro EFTPOS to meet the new requirements specifically for the hospitality industry. Restaurants that use Tyro EFTPOS terminals can offer their patrons the ability to pay@table. Other features include the ability split the bill amount and add a tip without ever handing over their card simply and securely by entering their PIN at the table.

The solution can be integrated with the restaurant management system (POS) making the payment and reconciliation process flawless. The Tyro terminals are specifically designed for PIN protection since the recessed entry field or cover shield eliminate the risk that other people in line could shoulder surf or the security camera could pick up the PIN number. Using chip card technology and PIN entry is an effective method to stamp out card theft and skimming and the share of fraud in face-to-face transactions.

Using Tyro integrated EFTPOS provides a fully automated, easy-to-use and secure payment experience.