With our pay@table solution cardholders can quickly and securely pay for their bill at the table via entering their PIN on a mobile EFTPOS terminal.

The Solution:

Secure payment is made at the table on an EFTPOS terminal that communicates to the POS using the venues own secure Wi-Fi network.

What it does:

The POS communicates directly with the EFTPOS terminal via the internet.

How It Works:

Staff member brings the bill to the table and enters their operator ID then enters the table number directly into the EFTPOS terminal.

The EFTPOS terminal queries the POS for the sale amount and displays the amount on the screen.The customer enters the amount they wish to pay. This could be the whole or partial amount (split bill).Tips are entered directly into the EFTPOS terminals at this point of the transaction.

The EFTPOS terminals prints out the payment receipt. Tyro reports the completed transaction back to the POS including the tip amount.

Tipping is available on credit and debit cards. International customer can also chose to pay in their own currency on the total amount including the tip.

The benefits include faster table service, no keying errors from staff which in turn eliminates reconciliation issues for accounts. At the end of the meal pay@table allows customers to pay securely and quickly and importantly their last impression of service is a positive one. 

MPS has provided excellent customer service on technical faults and difficulties, with staff always available to handle situations instead of waiting on hold for 1 hour. Transition from original EFTPOS providers to their provider Tyro was seamless and no hassle. One of the best benefits that Tyro provide with is that even if your EFTPOS goes down you are still able to do transaction over the phone with one of Tyro’s support staff. A lot companies can offer good EFTPOS system, but most can’t do anything if EFTPOS goes off line. With Tyro recommended by MPS I have not yet lost a transaction.
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