The Solution:

With the Tyro solution any tip amount entered by the customer on the EFTPOS terminal is integrated with the point of sale (POS) and can provided at the time of purchase or after a sale is completed.

The whole tipping process is driven by the customer which removes any potential keying errors and reconciliation problems after the transaction is completed.

How it works:

The customer is presented with the sale amount on the EFTPOS terminals. They are prompted to choose their preferred account type, then prompted to enter the tip amount and complete transaction by entering their PIN.

The customer can press the 'SKIP' button during this process if they do not wish to leave a tip.

Once the transaction is completed the tip amount appears on their receipt as well as on all tip reports.

With credit cards the customer can add a tip two ways. Firstly by directly entering a tip into the EFTPOS terminal during the payment process. Secondly the customer can enter a tip the receipt after the transaction is completed as is standard practice today. 

If the tip is entered into the EFTPOS terminals this tip is reported back to the point of sale (POS) for reconciliation

For traditional receipt based tipping the transaction can be completed on any point of sale (POS) station by staff at a later date.


This provides easy and accurate reconciliation. The tip reports on eftpos terminals and the point of sale (POS) will always match.

MPS has provided excellent customer service on technical faults and difficulties, with staff always available to handle situations instead of waiting on hold for 1 hour. Transition from original EFTPOS providers to their provider Tyro was seamless and no hassle. One of the best benefits that Tyro provide with is that even if your EFTPOS goes down you are still able to do transaction over the phone with one of Tyro’s support staff. A lot companies can offer good EFTPOS system, but most can’t do anything if EFTPOS goes off line. With Tyro recommended by MPS I have not yet lost a transaction.
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