The Problem:

You make money by serving your customers. Closing tabs is inefficient. Let your bartenders spend their time serving customers drinks, instead of dealing with the paperwork.

The Solution:

The bar tab feature allows for a fast, safe and secure way to open a bar tab. The bar tab technology eliminates the risk to the merchant of the customer leaving the venue without payment or potential bill disputes.

For the customer there is no risk of losing their card or potential fraud as they don't leave their card behind the bar.


What it does:

The POS initiates an integrated pre-authorisation on the patron's card for the selected (maximum) amount that he/she wishes to spend at the bar i.e $200. (A pre-authorisation)

The successful pre-authorisation is communicated to the point of sale (POS) . The POS then manages the gradual spend of the "available to buy amount", until either the limit is reached or the patron wants to leave. 

The POS then closes the pre-authorisation for either the actual amount consumed or the maximum value, whichever is applicable.

This can be done without the need for cardholder to be present or re-swiping of their card.


How It Works:

The POS initiates the transaction and communicates to the EFTPOS terminal then gives the card holder the option to sign or use a PIN to authorise the payment. The transaction is automatically completed either when the nominated amount has been consumed or the end of the evening.

End Result

Say goodbye to unpaid tabs.

We like using Tyro recommended by MPS, for a number of reasons; firstly we like the personalised service that we receive from the Tyro team and in addition we find that the customer portal is particularly customer friendly and our admin team find this very useful. One aspect that makes for quick reconciliation of deposits is the ease with which all our outlets are clearly named and not just referred to as a store number!
Fel Bevacqua Fasta Pasta Corporation Consultant General Manager