In a bid to reduce millions of dollars of credit card fraud, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are moving to card present credit card sales to be verified by personal identification number [PIN] on August 1st 2014. This signals the end of signatures for Australian credit cardholders.This is a significant reform that as a result forces hospitality operators to rethink how they will handle credit and debit payments. 

Merchant Payments EFTPOS partner, Tyro ,has developed a mobile pay@table solution that solves this issue facing the industry.With pay@table, cardholders conveniently and securely pay their bill by entering their PIN on a mobile terminal at the table.Importantly the solution allows for customers to enter their tip on the terminal or on the recipt at the end of the transaction. In a group situation split bill is also be accomodated. 

Pay@table gives customers to control the payment process quickly,securely and conveniently.In the hospitality industry where great service is essential for customer loyalty pay@table can provide merchants with a competitive edge.

Thank you MPS for your prompt and thorough service. Tyro has been a great addition to the ease of daily transactions. Both customers and employees find the system very easy to work with. As the business owner, I am very happy we the speed and integration of the EFTPOS and our RSA system The transfer of daily transactions is prompt and accurate. The biggest advantage over the big banks is that I have a constant point of contact and do not have to be placed on a calling queue.
Clint Reed Porters Liquor Bexley