about us

Merchant Payments (MPS) is a consulting business specializing in providing payment solutions to merchants across Australia. We provide our clients with secure,cost-effective and reliable payment solutions.

Merchant Payments has strategic partnerships in place with payment and software providers across a diverse range of industries. Since our launch in 2007,Merchant Payments has provided payment advice and implemented payment solutions to over 1000 clients across Australia in a variety of industries.

These include general retail, music & books, hospitality, liquor, computer & electronics, not-for-profit and higher education.

Merchant Payments has an on-going commitment to ensure that all our clients have access to the latest payment technology and that they are informed on developments in the payment industry that will impact their business now and in the future.

Merchant Payments develop products in line with the emergence of new technology and regulated changes in the market that impact our clients business.    

Why chose Merchant Payments? 

By choosing Merchant Payments as your payment consultant, we will ensure your payment environment meets the demands of your business. Whether it's fully integrated eftpos, contactless eftpos, mobile eftpos, online payments or gift and loyalty programs  MPS can tailor a solution for your business.

We recently integrated Tyro into our point of sale system, and haven't looked back since. With Tyro, we've seen a massive reduction in the time it takes to process EFTPOS and credit card transactions, and zero employee input errors normally associated with manual EFTPOS terminals. Because Tyro integrates into our point of sale system, EFTPOS transaction details are added to the bottom of regular receipts from our existing docket printer. This saves us a lot of money on receipt rolls! Our Tyro terminal is both Wi-Fi and 3G compatible, meaning we save on telephone line fees, and have the reliable backup of the 3G service if we experience any Internet outages.

Tyro's fees are also extremely competitive. I highly recommend them!
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